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French Polynesia, Clipperton, New Caledonia,
Wallis and Futuna, New Hebrides

The French presence in Oceania:

  • French Polynesia: Initially known as French Establishments in Oceania (1881), French Polynesia became an Overseas Territory in 1946.
  • Clipperton: The only French desert island in the North Pacific. Discovered in 1711 by French sailors, French sovereignty was recognised in 1931 by the International Court.
  • New Caledonia: A French colony from 1853 to 1946, it then became an Overseas Territory. It was used as a place for the deportation of Communards after the Paris Commune.
  • Wallis and Futuna: Protectorate from 1841 to 1961, these islands now hold the status of an Overseas Territory.
  • New Hebrides: The archipelago, placed under the joint influence of France and Great Britain, had a mixed administration (condominium) until 1980, the date of its independence with the name of Vanuatu.


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  • Algeria: 145
  • United States: 109
  • Canada: 27
  • Vietnam: 26
  • Others: 249