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Archives Archives of France Directory of the archives departments in France
Archives Nationales
French archives from the Merovingians onwards
Service central de l'état civil
Ministère des Affaires étrangères
For the Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths Acts of less than 100 years for people born outside French territory
On-line request form
European Archive Portal Brings together archive inventories from the archive departments of various European countries.
Portail international archivistique francophone
Training and communication website available to all Francophone archivists
Ministère de la Défense
Service historique
With in particular the archives of the Navy from the XIXth Century, cannot be separated from research into the Overseas Territories
Association des Archivistes Français 1500 professional subscribers from public and private sectors
Important training centre
Association des Archivistes sans frontières Interventions in the archives field for documentary heritage in danger of disappearing or of irreversible damage
Penal colonies Criminocorpus History of justice, crimes and sentences
Archives départementales de Loire-Atlantique Digital collections on departures for penal colonies and the slave trade
Colonisation CADIST
Université de Provence
Scientific and technical documentation on the history of French colonisation
  Etudes coloniales Associative site devoted to colonial and post-colonial history.
Law Groupe de recherche sur l'Histoire du Droit des Colonies Faculty of Law in Montpellier
UMR 5815 / CNRS
History Maison de l'Histoire de France National institution
Immigration Cité nationale de l'histoire de l'immigration To make items relating to the history of immigration in France accessible
Légion d'honneur Leonore Database Légion d'Honneur collection at the Archives Nationales:
380,415 dossiers from holders of the Order
Magistrature Annuaire rétrospectif de la magistrature
XIXe-XXe siècle
Database produced by the University of Burgundy
(J-C. Farcy)
Maritime Société française d'histoire maritime
Scientific research and study of maritime history.
Safeguarding the maritime heritage
Soldiers SGA
Mémoire des hommes
Military research portal created by the Ministry of Defence
Overseas Territories Société française d'histoire d'outre-mer
Highlights research in the Overseas Territories history
  Académie des Sciences d'outre-mer Official website of the institution
Exceptional library
Ministère de l'Outre-mer Government website
Health ASNOM
Association amicale Santé Navale d'Outre-Mer
The complete work of the French Corps de Santé Colonial (Colonial Health Corps) from 1890 to 1968
Slave trade
Comité pour la mémoire et l'histoire de l'esclavage Official French body aiming for the recognition of the slave trade and slavery as a crime against humanity.
"Les Anneaux de la Mémoire" Association Centre of resources and study of the slave trade and slavery
CIRESC - EHESS International research centre for slavery
Universities Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l'Homme Research and teaching campus specialising in the Mediterranean world


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