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Histoires d'Outre-Mer Collection

Works in 200 x 250 format, soft cover, four-colour illustration

  Brazza - Au coeur du Congo [In the heart of the Congo]

Vers le lac Tchad [To Lake Chad]
Expéditions françaises et résistances africaines 1890-1900 [French Expeditions and African Resistance 1890-1900]

At the end of the XIXth Century France began many expeditions to Lake Chad with the prospect of uniting its African posessions into a single tenant. The price for this conquest was thousands of deaths: explorers (Crampel, Cazemajou, de Béhagle, Bretonnet) and populations (massacres by the Voulet-Chanoine column). The final obstacle to French domination, Sultan Rabah, was beaten in the Battle of Kousseri on 22 April 1900: the pacification of Chad could start, followed by its exploitation and the inevitable scandals.

Vers le lac Tchad is the 5th volume of the Histoires d'Outre-Mer collection published by the Archives Nationales d'Outre-Mer in Aix-en-Provence.

369 pages.
Price: 30 €

  Brazza - Au coeur du Congo [In the heart of the Congo]

Brazza - Au coeur du Congo [In the Heart of the Congo]
Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza is one of the great figures in French colonial expansion. Italian by birth but naturalised French, very early on he dreamt of following in the footsteps of great explorers like Burton or Livingstone. He was fascinated by Africa and was to give his country of adoption a vast territory, the Congo. A popular hero and a legend in his lifetime, he was the liberator of slaves, the ragamuffin without arms, the knight of civilisation. However by his missions Brazza contributed to the introduction of European rivalry on the African continent. He was partly a player in the painful destiny of the Congo. This work, the first of the Histoires d'Outre-Mer collection has a great number of illustrations.

152 pages.
Price: 22 €

  Lettres du Bagne {Letters from the Penal Colony]

Lettres du Bagne [Letters from the Penal Colony]
From 1852 to 1953, more than 100,000 convicts served their sentences in the colonial prisons of Guyana and New Caledonia. For the first time, the Archives Nationales d’Outre-Mer is publishing correspondence from these men and women banned from society and exiled thousands of miles from mainland France.

168 pages.
Price: 22 €

  Esclaves - Regards de Blancs [Slaves - As seen by Whites] 672-1913

Esclaves - Regards de Blancs 1672-1913 [Slaves - As seen by Whites 1672-1913]
Slave ship sailors, owners, civil and military officers, men of the Law, governors and stewards, settlers, so many witnesses and players who each in their own way or according to their point of view recounted slavery from the XVIIth to the XXth Century and formed the historic material selected and presented in this publication.

272 pages.
Price: 28 €

  Auguste Pavie, l'explorateur aux pieds nus [The barefoot explorer]

Auguste Pavie, l'explorateur aux pieds nus [Auguste Pavie, The Barefoot Explorer]
Forgotten figure in French colonial expansion, Auguste Pavie criss-crossed Cambodia and Laos for many years. This Breton, an explorer and diplomat, liked to make contact with the populations and learn about their customs and their legends and be appreciated by them. This "great human of Indochina" is one of the few who can write, "I have known the joy of being loved by the people I have met".

200 pages.
Price: 24 €