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  Félix Eboué

Félix Eboué (2004 - fr)
Grandson of a slave, native of Guyana, Félix Eboué, a colonial administrator, has his place in history for having had the courage to rally Chad to the Free French in August 1940. Governor General of French Equatorial Africa, his name is associated with the Brazzaville Conference in 1944.

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  Algeria and France

L'Algérie et la France : Destins et imaginaires croisés (2003 - fr)
Full reproduction of the exhibition held within the framework of Algeria year (2003). Presentation of several centuries of the history of Franco-Algerian relations, the fruit of collaboration between researchers from France and Algeria, archivists and set designers.

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  Confluence - Regards d'artistes sur l'Algérie

Confluence - Regards d'artistes sur l'Algérie (2003 - fr)
Artists' views from the two sides of the Mediterranean which awaken a vision of the land of Algeria. Sensitivities are individual, manners varied, approaches multiple, but the artists come together in the same love for a country, a land for which they sing the praises of its beauty, its unique, eternal character.

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