Map of the Rade de MiquelonThe ANOM map library has about 60,000 maps and plans from the XVIIth to the XIXth Century: military maps, military constructions and fortifications, reports of itineraries, rivers, plans of missions, borders, villages, covering all the territories of the former French possessions on all five continents.

A number of these plans, which are being progressively digitised, will now be accessible on-line on the Ulysse database:

  • Africa Series: This series concerns missions, explorations and itinerary routes (end of XIXth C - start of XXth C)
  • Caribbean, Asia, Guyana, South America, Indian Ocean, Oceania Series: Series A to G: Concerns all territories.
  • Spherical canvas maps: These are maps drawn at the end of the XIXth Century and the start of the XXth Century (1920s). They mainly concern Africa, the Sahara, Indochina and Madagascar, Reunion, Ethiopia, the French Coast of the Somalias, Morocco and Syria. These maps reproduce the itineraries of exploration missions, delimitations of concessions, railway routes, water courses, etc. They are often of the planisphere type and very large.
  • Collections from the Geographical Department: Here there are surveys of the itineraries for exploration missions, border maps, drawings of coasts, maps of hydrographic networks and transport routes, plans of towns and villages, maps of agricultural and mining concessions. The collection consists of numerous engraved and some hand-drawn maps.
  • Maps from the Musée de la France d'Outre-Mer: The collection from the Musée de la France d'Outre-Mer, which then became the Musée des Arts Africains et Océaniens, consists of 76 engraved or hand-drawn coloured maps (itineraries, missions, topographical maps etc.). The maps concern the French and American Antilles, South America, Indochina and Siam, Reunion and Polynesia.
  • Institut Géographique National Series: Concerns all territories from 1944 onwards.
  • PL Series: concerns all territories from the XVIIth C to the XXth C (continuous open series).
  • Fort de ChounargorDépôt des fortifications des colonies (Colonial Fortifications Repository): Created in 1778 (maps and memoirs). This collection is very rich: it contains general maps, routes of rivers and paths, plans for land for public works, town maps, plans of administrative and military buildings and all fortifications. Amongst the memoirs are accounts of journeys, reports on the economy and local customs, campaign projects like the accounts of military events, and instructions to commanders.
  • Moreau de Saint-Méry Atlas (North and South America, Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Cape Verde and Senegal). Plans and small atlas belonging to the Moreau de St-Méry collection (F3)

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