IREL (On-line research tools)

On-line research tools

The IREL (On-line research tools) allow the reader to access different functions.

General status of the collections

Brief description of the collections kept: archives from, on the one hand, ministries responsible for the XVIIth and XXth Centuries of the French colonial empire, and on the other hand from local administrations of former colonies and Algeria. It also describes additional resources (private archives, photographs, maps and plans, library, microfilmed archives).

Detailed inventories

  • List of on-line inventories: the list of on-line inventories can be accessed by various types of entry (origin, chronological period, territory)
  • People and Families Name Database: it lists the names of people and families quoted in the inventories of ANOM archives
  • Library:on-line catalogue of the ANOM library, which is particularly extensive and completely devoted to colonial literature in its most diverse aspects (120,000 works)
  • Ulysse Image Database: makes access possible to several thousand digitised images of documents belonging to the ANOM image and map libraries. Is regularly enlarged as the digitisation campaigns progress.
  • Digitised Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths:Territories which were at one time or another part of the French colonial empires from the XVIIth Century. Since 2005 several thousand registers have been digitised. As the digitisation operations are completed the images are, and continue to be, put on-line.