Personnel files at the ANOM

Personnel file - Romain Louis Auger

Colonial personnel files

The colonial personnel files kept by the Archives Nationales d'Outre-Mer are separated into several large sets:

  • former colonial personnel, XVIIth – XVIIIth centuries (Series E)
    Notice on Series E
  • modern colonial personnel, XVIIIth – XIXth centuries (Series EE)
    Notice on Series EE
  • contemporary colonial personnel, XIXth and XXth centuries (Series EE II and EE III)
    Notice on Series EE II and EE III
  • colonial personnel files from Governors General and local administration collections
    • Algeria
    • A.E.F. (French Equatorial Africa)
    • Cameroon
    • Madagascar
    • Indochina
    • India
    • New Hebrides
    • Comoros Islands
  • the files of penal colony personnel, Series H, EE and EE II

List of collections where personnel file are found

How to carry out a search

Search in the detailed inventories on-line

  • For Series E, former colonial personnel: the inventory includes digital images of the files which are therefore directly accessible on-line
    Series E Inventory
  • For Series EE, modern colonial personnel: only the inventory is accessible on-line (not the files themselves) for the letter A. Work on this inventory continues and the following letters will be put on line as the work progresses.
    Series EE Inventory
  • For Series H (files of penal colony personnel): only the inventory is accessible on-line (not the files themselves).
    Series H Inventory

In all other cases...
When the reader cannot obtain the items sought on-line, and particularly as far as the files in other series are concerned, in the first instance the ANOM should be contacted by letter giving:

  • Name
  • First names
  • Date and place of birth
  • Position, date and place this position was exercised.

The department will perform the search and inform the reader: existence of a file (or not), file number, communicability. Armed with this information, the person can then travel to consult the file in the reading room.
Warning: files can only be consulted in the reading room. In no circumstances can the department send copies of the file by letter or e-mail.