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Library of Professor Francis Snyder

An anthropologist by training, Professor Snyder lived for many years in West Africa, in Senegal and particularly in Casamance. He delved deep into Diola culture, the subject of the thesis he defended at the Sorbonne in 1969: "The development of Diola land law in Lower Casamance: test of legal anthropology", published in 1973.
Professor Snyder wished his legal anthropology library to be given to the ANOM. It is made up of almost five hundred volumes, many of which are in English. It is mostly devoted to Africa and brings together the great authors in this special field.
This new resource is starting to be made available.

Les remparts d’Alger en 1844 (The ramparts in Algiers in 1844)

In 2013 the Interministerial Department of the Archives de France (S.I.A.F.) acquired an anonymous daguerreotype from 1844 showing the ramparts in Algiers.
It is an exceptional document as it is the oldest photograph of Algiers kept in public collections.
It is essential evidence providing knowledge about Algerian urbanism in this period because the ramparts and their many doors were to disappear during the XIXth Century.