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French Indochina

The General Government of Indochina was made up of the following territories:

  • Cochinchina, 1859-1954
  • Cambodia, 1863-1954
  • Annam-Tonkin, 1883-1954
  • Laos, 1893-1954
  • Kouang-Tcheou-Wan, 1898-1946. It was located in Southern China but incorporated into the Government General of Indochina.

Search tool: Guide to sources of the history of Asia and Oceania in the French archives and libraries, Paris, 1981; Guide to research on Vietnam, Paris, 1983.

The ANOM keeps:

  • Ministerial archives: sub-series C1 (XVIIth C - XIXth C); former Indochina geographical series and new collections (XIXth C - XXth C).
  • The archives of Admirals who administered Indochina and of the Government General (1858-1945).
  • The archives of the French High Commission in Saigon (1946-1954).
  • The archives of the General Staff for troops in Indochina (1880-1899).
  • The archives of the Residents-Superior in Tonkin (1874-1945), Annam (1875-1942), Laos (1895-1950) and Cambodia (1887-1945).
  • The plans and memoirs of the Dépôt des fortifications des colonies (1860-1889)

The archives of the government of Cochinchina have remained in Vietnam.


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