ANOM - Accessibility

Practical information



Operation of the Archives Nationales d'Outre-Mer

To register a form must be filled in and identification provided.
After registration a wooden plaque showing your place number in the reading room and a locker key will be given to you. You must place all your belongings in the locker. Only loose leaves, lead pencils, laptops without a case and cameras without a case are allowed in the reading room. No bags are permitted in the reading room.

Searches and requests for documents
Computer stations are available for your searches in the inventory room (upstairs, before the reading room). On these you can consult the general status of the collections (what is kept by the Archives Nationales d'Outre-mer) and the on-line search tools (more accurate description in some archive collections).
In the reading room the Room President (at the entrance, on the dais) can also assist you with your searches. Once you have found the documents you wish to consult, you must order them for consultation. Two computer stations in the inventory room and three computer stations in the reading room are available for making these requests.

Methodological aid to requesting the communication of documents