Practical information



Facilities for the comfort of readers

Physical comfort
Access from the car park is adapted for people with reduced mobility and those in wheelchairs. Then it is necessary to push two sets of glass doors. The visitor may be assisted in opening these doors by the person at Reception.

Inside the first room is Reception:

  • Chairs and tables are available so that registration can be completed without it being tiring.
  • Lockers are at a suitable height and can easily be used by people in wheelchairs.
  • Disabled toilets are available near Reception.

The inventory room and the reading room are located on the first floor. A lift, with dimensions suitable for a wheelchair, is available for people with reduced mobility.

In the inventory room two computer stations for research and a station for requesting documents are reserved for people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users. These stations are signposted by an appropriate pictogram.

In the reading room there are two places reserved for wheelchair users. On request alterations to the methods of transmitting archive documents are possible for people with reduced mobility: documents are brought to the reader's place.

Lecterns may be requested from the Room President for greater comfort when consulting documents.

Visual comfort
On the computer stations for consulting the archive collections, larger characters can be obtained by using Ctrl + on the keyboard.
Magnifying glasses are available on request from the office of the reading room. A space may be made available to accompanied visually impaired readers by prior reservation.