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Inventories with CD-ROM

  CD-ROM Tonkin: Photography by Doctor Hocquard

CD-ROM Tonkin: Photography by Doctor Hocquard
This CD-ROM has two separate parts:
1 - The Tonkin visit in photographs according to the 5 itineraries followed by Doctor Hocquard between 1884 and 1885.
2 - The inventory of 10 albums of photographs taken by Doctor Hocquard.
Charles Edouard Hocquard, ambulance doctor in the Tonkin expeditionary corps, was also a remarkable photographer.

Price: 45.70 € + delivery charge

  Les Indes belliqueuses

Inventory and CD-ROM - Les Indes belliqueuses
Aventures et cartographie des Français aux Indes

1- The CD-ROM, Les Indes belliqueuses, is a historical fresco bringing to live the superb maps made in the XVIIth and XVIIth Centuries, mostly highlighted in watercolour.
2 - The inventory describes the 390 maps and memoirs concerning the French Indies in the XVIIIth Century and kept in the Dépôt des fortifications des colonies (Colonial Fortifications Repository). The volume is illustrated with 8 colour plates.

CD-ROM - Price: 54.90 €
Inventory - Price: 36.60 €
Set (CD-ROM + Inventory) - Price: 76.20 €